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Join the first colony on MarsPlease read one of my books for free. Coupons for scifi and poetry below.

Help me out by posting a review.
Reviews help readers find my books and that’s a huge deal for a new author struggling to be found. But I realize it takes time to post a review and everyone is busy. So let me thank you – I appreciate your support – with a free digital book. Keep reading to learn more.

FREE with coupon: Go to my Smashwords Profile and scroll down to the books shown below and use the coupon codes. If you don’t have a Smashwords account, they’ll prompt you to set one up, but that’s free, too – and no spam. You can download the book in any major e-format – Kindle’s MOBI, epub, pdf, and txt.Colony in our near-future at

Glory on Mars – Colonization Book 1

Colonization is in trouble when one of the first eight settlers commits suicide. Emma wants to explore in her robotic walkabout suit, but will her one-way journey to Mars end in disaster? Read this first book in the On Mars series. Use Coupon Code XY35L here.

Rhyme and Reason – Poetry Inspired by Science

Rhyming poems inspired by science collection of short poems in rhyme;
Inspired all by science;
Outward to the edge of time;
Or tied to earthly cadence.
Light and written all for fun,
There is no angst to hide.
You’re invited now to sample one
Of my poems inside.
And a few
Use coupon code YU38G here.

Receiev flash scifi/fantasy fiction claim another free book, send me the url link to your posted review and I’ll send you a coupon for another free book. Whichever of my books you’d like. My email is katerauner[at]gmail[dot]com or send me a message on facebook or twitter @katerauner.

My books are available from all major on-line retailers including Amazon.
Buy paperbacks at CreateSpace or Amazon.
Ebooks from Amazon for Kindle, and at Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Flipkart, Inktera, Versent, and other on-line outlets.

Thanks for reading. Comment or question? Enter it in the Check out Kate Rauner author, poet, bloggercomment box at the bottom of the page and I’ll respond.


7 thoughts on “Read for FREE

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  2. Kate, Thanks for the freebie, Glory on Mars, at Smashwords. Sounds really interesting! I’ll read and review after I finish the, also free, Jupiter Diving that I found at Smashwords.
    Thanks again, OLB

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    • I hope you’ll enjoy the books – be sure to download Jupiter Diving this week since it’s free on a short time offer! Time is so valuable – thanks for the review offer. Reviews are a big help to new authors – if you happen to have an Amazon account, you might consider copy/pasting it there too – Amazon is The Big Dog 🙂


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