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I’ve found great places to download free science fiction – and lots of other books too. Check out giveaways of previews, novels, and short stories 🙂 Sometimes I’m late updating this page, so subscribe to my newletter and you won’t miss out.

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Officially starts Februray 1st but you can get in now. Free short reads in Science Fiction, from short stories to novellas, and a few full length novels too. Click the image now.


Colony on Mars series coversAs always, read one of my books for free. Coupons for scifi and poetry below.

Help me out by posting a review.
Reviews help readers find my books and that’s a huge deal for a new author struggling to be found. Thank you!

FREE with coupon: Go to my Smashwords Profile and scroll down to the books shown below and use the coupon codes. If you don’t have a Smashwords account, they’ll prompt you to set one up, but that’s free, too – and no spam. You can download the book in any major e-format – Kindle’s MOBI, epub, pdf, and txt.

Glory on Mars – Colonization Book 1Glory on Mars cover

Colonization is in trouble when one of the first eight settlers commits suicide. Emma wants to explore in her robotic walkabout suit, but will her one-way journey to Mars end in disaster? Read this first book in the On Mars series. Use Coupon Code XY35L here.

Rhyme and Reason – Poetry Inspired by Science

Rhyming poems inspired by science collection of short poems in rhyme;
Inspired all by science;
Outward to the edge of time;
Or tied to earthly cadence.
Light and written all for fun,
There is no angst to hide.
You’re invited now to sample one
Of my poems inside.
And a few
Haiku, Too.
Use coupon code YU38G here.

Receiev flash scifi/fantasy fiction books are available from favorite stores including Amazon.
Buy paperbacks at  Amazon too.
Ebooks from Amazon for Kindle, and at Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Flipkart, Inktera, Versent, and other favorite stores.

Thanks for reading. Comment or question? Enter it in the Check out Kate Rauner author, poet, bloggercomment box at the bottom of the page and I’ll respond.


10 thoughts on “Read for FREE

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  5. Kate, Thanks for the freebie, Glory on Mars, at Smashwords. Sounds really interesting! I’ll read and review after I finish the, also free, Jupiter Diving that I found at Smashwords.
    Thanks again, OLB

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you’ll enjoy the books – be sure to download Jupiter Diving this week since it’s free on a short time offer! Time is so valuable – thanks for the review offer. Reviews are a big help to new authors – if you happen to have an Amazon account, you might consider copy/pasting it there too – Amazon is The Big Dog 🙂


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