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25NOV2022: Happy Black Friday! The traditional start to the Xmas holiday season, followed the next day by Small Business Saturday, and you can’t get an author-business much smaller than me.

Black Friday lures shoppers off the sofa with discounts, but get my latest space adventure without moving more than your clicking thumbs, and the kindle ebook is FREE. FREE on Saturday too. Hurry and claim your copy now before the turkey leftovers lure you away. My Canadian friends have a real advantage. They celebrated Thanksgiving in mid-October and have their wits about them today.

Claim your free copy of Winnie Bravo, Space Pilot: Lunar Base now, and check out my other science fiction books too.

eBooks priced as stocking stuffers and print editions too. Great for the holiday Kindle Reader you may be giving or receiving. Need a last minute gift? No supply chain delays for eBooks.

Find the links below, and scroll to the bottom for a stunning collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories by four award-winning authors – me and three special friends. The eBook is FREE.

A young pilot is brash, reckless, and more than a little annoying as she sets out to prove herself. Capturing a stealth probe that’s destroying satellites seems the perfect way to demonstrate her talents, but the mysterious craft escapes. Now, someone at her corporation’s lunar base is willing to kill to stop her. CLICK HERE NOW

Find more of my books with easy links:

Colonize Mars in our near-future, join a cult on Saturn’s moon Titan, and gallivant through near-Earth-space with a newly minted pilot. Science fiction and fantasy, full novels and short stories. Click here now.

Sci fi book covers - stories by Kate Rauner

As promised, here’s an award-winning collection of short science fiction and fantasy:

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Asteroids Skim By Earth #asteroid #science #scifibooks

NASA tracks asteroids! See thousands plotted on a diagram of the solar system by clicking here. But you’re most interested in those that pass close by Earth, aren’t you? Two are passing us September 11th, and an even bigger one September 12th.

The Asteroid Watch dashboard tracks asteroids and comets that will make relatively close approaches to Earth. The dashboard displays the date of closest approach, approximate object diameter, relative size and distance from Earth for each encounter. JPL/NASA Next Five Close Approaches

Holy smoke. A rock at least the size of an ordinary commercial jet that comes close – within 20 times the distance to the Moon – is potentially hazardous. While NASA can predict an asteroid’s current path, the calculations are complex, affected by all the planets, and things change thanks to collisions with other space rocks. Small bits of space debris rain down harmlessly on Earth every day, but someday, one of these big ones will hit, causing massive destruction.

Or not.

Maybe we can protect ourselves.

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft just beamed back the first image of its target, the moonlet Dimorphos, as well as its body it orbits, the asteroid Didymos. DART is a planetary defense test mission designed to impact the moonlet to alter its trajectory around Didymos. If proven effective, this spacecraft design could potentially be scaled up to deflect an Earth-bound asteroid.

Asteroids skip safely past Earth so often, even the media can’t maintain a state of panic. Hopefully, we have time to create Earth defenses.

In the meantime, science fiction shows us what could happen. Asteroid is the second book in my Winnie Bravo, Space Pilot trilogy. If a future space industry brings asteroids into lunar orbit, what could possibly go wrong? Click here now and join the adventure.

Special price through September 15th for all three kindles! Only 99 cents each, so claim your copies today. Click here now and don’t miss out.

Humanity’s future in space depends on audacious pilots, and it may help if they’re a bit crazy.

Winnie Bravo is brash, reckless, and more than a little annoying as she sets out to prove herself, careening from adventure to adventure with her partner never far away.

In orbit, across the Moon, and on Earth, she pursues the truth about a nefarious probe and a scoundrel who will stop at nothing. What she discovers brings her closer to the truth than she bargained for, and may get her killed, or worse, fired.

Award winning science fiction tale continues – can a cult conquer Saturn’s moon, Titan? #scifi #sciencefiction #readers #gift

Scifi book covers in the Titan series by Kate RaunerFynn’s shoved into a stasis pod onboard a hijacked spaceship. He’s not going back to college – he’s on his way to Titan. In Book 1, their leader’s bizarre behavior splits his father’s cult into factions. As conflicts escalate, can Fynn save his family from the deadly moon’s dangers?

Now in Book 2, Fynn  reluctantly challenges his sister’s tyrannical rule. As a rebel leader, he hopes to keep the colony’s fragile life support running, but struggles among the Kin may doom their chance at survival.

Kin should be your greatest ally, not your greatest threat.

Join me to celebrate the release of Titan Insurgents at a special introductory Kindle price of 99 cents. Perfect for the holidays, whether you look forward to a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or Festivus 😉

Books make great gifts. Give hours of reading pleasure with nothing to wrap, and let Amazon handle the shipping. Kindle Unlimited too, so treat yourself.

Did you miss Titan, Book 1? No problem. Also 99 cents for the Kindle through December, 2019.

Both books are available in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback.

Click Here for Titan Book 1

Click Here for Titan Insurgents Book 2

What’s all this hoopla about award-winning?

NM/AZ Book Awards Finalist Badge, November 2019Results from the 13th Annual New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards are in, and 13 is my lucky number. Titan Book 1 is awarded Finalist!

This year 1,545 books were entered in 66 categories.

A little indie like me had to compete with books from large national publishers, so I’m thrilled for Titan to be Finalist in eBook fiction.

Click Now and Join the Colonists on Titan


Peace Force, a Harriet Walsh novel #scifi #sciencefiction #ebook #amazon #giveaway #read #review #bookreview

Peace Force book coverScience fiction with humor, that’s Peace Force. On a planet colonized long ago by humans, Harriet is unemployed and newly homeless. She’s recruited by a crazy robot (funniest robot since Hitchhiker’s Guide’s Marvin) to become the sole member of the police force on a planet that’s so peaceful, it doesn’t need a police force.

Or so it seems.

As new-hire training turns real, Harriet picks up an orphan pickpocket partner, an artificial intelligence car that can’t wait to get out of the garage, and a retired police officer who isn’t ready to leave it all behind.

The story is good entertainment and there are two more books in the series. Comments on Amazon call it a fun romp. Though there is a darker twist at the end I wasn’t expecting, I think the description is spot-on: “It’s good clean fun, written with wry humor.” And the day I’m posting this, it’s free on Amazon.

Blogging note: this is new. When I pasted my post into WordPress, it grabbed the Amazon link and inserted a really-big picture of the book cover with a “buy it now” and “free preview” button. Hmm. Is this convenient or annoying? I wonder who’s paying whom for the link? I took the big buttoned image out this time… but it is slick. Do you like slick?