Terraforming Mars – Fusion Generated Plasma? #Mars #Colony #scifibooks

Mars is cold and practically airless. Even if we discover a way to add atmosphere, with no protective magnetic field, gases will be stripped away as we watch. And cosmic and solar radiation will continue to fry the surface.


Sometimes, actual science beats science fiction. Researchers have now come up with an even better way that we might be able to make Mars habitable… Once the generator landed on Phobos, it would subject surface material to extreme heat until it morphed into a gaseous state or at least vaporized. An electrical current would then be zapped through that gas or vapor to ionize it… With every orbit around Mars, the ring would be reinforced with more plasma until it built up a powerful enough current that would be similar to the magnetic field which surrounds Earth. SyFy

Fusion reactors would be needed to generate enough power, but fusion is only 20 years away, isn’t it? (Hasn’t it been 20 years away for generations? Well, bound to be true someday.)

In my science fiction series, the colony ultimately arrives at a terraformed Mars in a very different way. Check out the final book in the series to find out how.

Don’t worry about starting at the end. Each book covers a different generation with a different hero , each on their own journey through danger on the deadly Red Planet. Or, do yourself a favor and buy all five stories in a value-priced box set.

What Happens When a Cult Colonizes Titan? Nothing Good #scifibooks

As a confirmed introvert, I’ve been practicing for the coronavirus all my life, even if I do miss hanging out in my favorite coffee houses. But I have gotten a lot of writing done this year. The conclusion to my trilogy of a cult colonizing Saturn’s moon, Titan is planned for release in August, but you can snag an early review copy now.

Fynn thinks he escaped his family’s cult until he’s kidnapped to Titan. Kin should be his greatest ally, but instead they’re his greatest threat, as Fynn and his sister clash over the colony’s survival.

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Science fiction book cover: Titan Martyrs by Kate Rauner

Fynn’s story began with the award-winning Titan. If you missed Book 1 and Book 2, read them today. Click Now

scifi book covers Titan Trilogy by Kate Rauner


Award winning science fiction tale continues – can a cult conquer Saturn’s moon, Titan? #scifi #sciencefiction #readers #gift

Scifi book covers in the Titan series by Kate RaunerFynn’s shoved into a stasis pod onboard a hijacked spaceship. He’s not going back to college – he’s on his way to Titan. In Book 1, their leader’s bizarre behavior splits his father’s cult into factions. As conflicts escalate, can Fynn save his family from the deadly moon’s dangers?

Now in Book 2, Fynn  reluctantly challenges his sister’s tyrannical rule. As a rebel leader, he hopes to keep the colony’s fragile life support running, but struggles among the Kin may doom their chance at survival.

Kin should be your greatest ally, not your greatest threat.

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Both books are available in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback.

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What’s all this hoopla about award-winning?

NM/AZ Book Awards Finalist Badge, November 2019Results from the 13th Annual New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards are in, and 13 is my lucky number. Titan Book 1 is awarded Finalist!

This year 1,545 books were entered in 66 categories.

A little indie like me had to compete with books from large national publishers, so I’m thrilled for Titan to be Finalist in eBook fiction.

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Welcome to the Star Shepard BLOG HOP TOUR #scifi #sciencefiction #book #ebook

scifi book cover Star ShepherdPlease get yourself comfortable as we take a daily tour through these fabulous blogs, listed below.

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You are here to celebrate the release of Star Shepard, book one of the space western series, Shepherd of Light, by R.R.Virdi.

Star Shepherd knows a raw deal when he sees one. And he’s got the worst one in the galaxy: to deliver a mysterious package to a rebellion to change the scales of power in favor of the common man. As he meets with an old friend to seek much-needed help, he draws the attention of a genocidal admiral willing to destroy entire worlds if it means catching Star Shepherd.

Will Star survive the chase and bring hope to the rebellion, or deliver a gift into the hands of a worse power, tipping the galaxy into further chaos? amazon.com/Star-Shepherd

R.R. Virdi is the two time Dragon Award–Nominated author. Once, for his series The Grave Report, a paranormal investigator series set in the great state of New York. The second nomination coming for Dangerous Ways, book one of The Books of Winter, an epic urban fantasy series set in the same overall universe as his Grave Report novels. He has worked in the automotive industry as a mechanic, retail, and in the custom gaming computer world. He’s an avid car nut with a special love for American Ship classics.

The hardest challenge for him up to this point has been fooling most of society into believing he’s a completely sane member of the general public.

Follow him on his website. http://rrvirdi.com/
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