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Kidnapped to Titan – paradise turns to catastrophe – Read It Today


Kate Rauner's On Mars Book Series

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Whether you call it science fiction, sci fi, or sf, these books deliver stories you can live inside – places and people, on Earth or in space, that feel real. Join these explorers!

Travel to Mars: In our near-future, the first colonists struggles to survive and build a home.

Glory on Mars, Colonization Book 1 Emma wants to explore, but something is terribly wrong on Mars. At Amazon or your favorite store. Read a preview on Amazon. Get started on the series for only $3.99 (ebook – all major formats available at your favorite store.)

Born on Mars, Colonization Book 2 Second generation colony on Mars is failing, until new arrivals bring hope and danger. At Amazon or your favorite store. Read a preview on Amazon.Colony on Mars scifi books Box Set

Hermit on Mars, Colonization Book 3 Breakaway Martian prospectors at Amazon or your favorite store. Read a preview on Amazon.

Water on Mars, Colonization Book 4 Best time to be Mars-born, or is it? At Amazon or your favorite store. Read a preview on Amazon.

Storm on Mars, Colonization Book 5 Whether it’s an accident or dodging solar flares, if something weird happens, Zeker’s close by. Maybe the neuroplasticity treatments didn’t fix his brain. At Amazon and your favorite store. Read a preview on Amazon.

Colony on Mars Get the complete series in a value-priced Box Set.

Kate’s new book, Titan, is available now.

Titan book cover, scifi, colonization

#1 New Release on Amazon

“Fynn learns the Kin’s secret when he’s shoved into a stasis pod.
He’s not going back to college. He’s going with his father’s cult to settle on Saturn’s moon Titan.
Halfway across the solar system, cut off from Earth, the Kin believe they’ll create a paradise. But their leader’s bizarre behavior may be more dangerous than the profoundly cold moon with its dense, unbreathable atmosphere.”

Click for a preview and don’t miss this book.

Short Reads in Scifi and Fantasy :)Jupiter Diving and Other Short Reads in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Enter colorful and dangerous worlds. In the title story, Jupiter Diving, Kelly launches a probe from a ship mining helium-3 in Jupiter’s atmosphere, to search for life in the ocean of a Jovian moon. From an angel’s photo-op on Mars, to the agony of a berserker warrior, a tiny craft’s interstellar mission, and an astronaut’s cries for help, you’ll find many new tales plus opening chapters and vignettes from the On Mars series, the multi-generational story of the first colony on Mars. Available on Amazon. Read a preview here.

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Science-inspired poetry too 🙂

Rhyming poetry inspired by scienceRhyme and Reason
Collections of short poems in rhyme;
Inspired all by science;
Outward to the edge of time;
Or tied to earthly cadence.
Light and written all for fun,
Where no angst resides.
You’re invited now to read
One of my poems inside.

Rhyme and Reason, Poetry Inspired by Science at Amazon or your favorite store. Read a preview on Amazon.

Rhyme and Reason Two, Poetry Inspired by Science at Amazon or your favorite store. Read a preview on Amazon.

Rhyme and Reason Three, Poetry Inspired by Science at Amazon or your favorite store. Read a preview on Amazon.

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  12. Awesome that you write science fiction! I do, too, but it has a lot more to do with computers and such than outer-space. I’ve always wanted to write an outer-spacey type book, but I’ve never gotten around to it 😛 Your books sound super cool! I would definitely request a review copy, but my to-review list is quite long…


    • I understand – so many books, so little time. If you’d like a review copy sometime, let me know. I think computers, artificial intelligence, and such must become part of every story set in the future, but it is a challenge to have those elements be part of the setting, easy to comprehend, without getting off on a tangent explaining what they can and can’t do. Fascinating place, the future…


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