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Titan - science ficiton book cover, paperback and eBook - Kate Rauner

Kidnapped to Titan – paradise turns to catastrophe – Read It Today

Visit Kate Rauner writer, poet, bloggerWelcome.  At this blog you’ll find posts about science, science fiction, and poems inspired by science.  More about my books here.

I write under the pen name “Kate Rauner.” When I read interesting articles on science, I try to work the ideas into my stories and poems, or blog about them here.  I also write guest posts, mostly non-fiction book reviews, under the name “Ponderer” for my friend at Rocky Flats Facts.

Combining my years working with plutonium (in the US nuclear weapons complex), raising llamas, writing fiction, becoming a middle-aged firefighter, living so far south in New Mexico I’m almost in Old Mexico, and now blogging, I think I am well on my way to achieving my life’s goal of becoming an eccentric old woman.

Kate Rauner and some of her llamasI look forward to reading your comments.  If WordPress recognizes your email address as legitimate, your comment will appear immediately.  WordPress deletes spam, so bots beware.

Give a new writer a helping hand – review or comment on my work.  Read more about my books here or visit my author page on Amazon.

Receive flash scif/fantasy fiction http://eepurl.com/bCpx1vMy books are available as ebooks and paperbacks. You’ll find all the links here.

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