Space Age Problem We Didn’t Bargain On – Trapped on Earth By Our Own Stupid Mess? #poem #poetry #space #NASA

Space Junk - read science inspired poems - Kate Rauner

NASA’s computer-generated image representing space debris as seen from high Earth orbit.

Space is vast and empty,
But not space close at hand,
Not the space around the Earth.
Our orbit now is jammed.

Every satellite we launch
Will someday be defunct
And hang above us, orbiting,
As billion dollar junk.

Everyone who’s serious
About the new space age
Has a plan for dealing with
Our quickly-closing cage.

Perhaps we’ll net the pieces,
Or blast each till it falls
To burn up like a meteor
In our atmospheric wall.

The million pieces of debris
Could trap us on our planet
Since even just a fleck of paint
Could crash a ship titanic.

Where is ET, we wonder?
Why don’t aliens
come to us?
Perhaps they’re trapped on their own worlds
By spheres
of their
space junk.

Kate Rauner

The scifi movie Gravity began with space junk smashing a Shuttle, and that could happen in real-life. Read about laser and giant electric whip proposals to clean up near-Earth space. There’s a video here.


Want to Go to Mars? Why Wait? Take a Scifi Trip! Affordable Gigantic Set of 5 Books Will Make You Happy #scifi #series #top10 percent

Scifi Mars Colony - Kate RaunerYee ha! Colony on Mars Box Set – my complete 5 book series – has debuted on Amazon in top 10% of it’s science fiction category.

Go to the Box Set on AmazonΒ or other favorite online stores. The set and the individual eBooks and paperbacks, are available today on Amazon and will be popping up everywhere else over the week.

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Scifi Mars Colony - Kate RaunerThe Amazon cover is above and the cover at other favorite online stores is below. Here’s the link to Smashwords, but the set should be appearing on B&N, Apple iBooks, Kobo and other stores this week. If you can wait πŸ™‚

Available in Kindle and other eBook formats. Here’s what you get:

From NASA to Mars One, real-life visionaries plan to send settlers to Mars. Go today in science fiction, starting with a fragile foothold and reading on into the future. From the first twelve colonists struggling with a strange illness through the generations, follow one settler in each book as they face danger and build a life on Mars.

Glory on Mars – Emma wants to explore in her robotic walkabout suit, but something is terribly wrong as a strange illness threatens the settlement’s future.

Born on Mars – Jake didn’t ask to be born on Mars, into a failing colony. Perhaps he can save his friends and family by contacting new arrivals, but an earthly rival sent them, and they’re half a planet away.

Hermit on Mars – Sig’s life is falling apart when his mother calls for help. She lives with prospectors in the Tartarus Mountains, and the mysterious hermit no longer ensures their survival.

Water on Mars – Bliss thinks this is the best time to be Marsborn. She leaves her tiny burg behind for the biggest city on the planet, but her new boss is crazy, and threats inside and outside of the colony menace her plans.

Storm on Mars – Zeker joins the elite Tower Guilds to change Mars. But his neuroplasticity treatments may have failed, leaving his own impulses as his biggest challenge. Thrown out of the Towers, Zeker lands in a lawless burg filled with desperate people. Farther from his goals than ever, he must find a way back to the Towers, because more than his project is in peril.

Science Olympiad – it’s time for the nerds to shine :) #science #education #nerdgirl #nerdboy #nerd

So many distractions as I try to finish the final edit of my new book, but here’s a worthwhile distraction. Western New Mexico University hosts our regional Science Olympiad every year and I’m one of the many volunteers.

Black Widow Spider

Part of my event requires kids to identify poisonous critters – from pictures only! The Black Widow is easy.

This is a science competition for middle school and highschool kids. They get an inside look at a real university and a chance to prove themselves in both written and hands-on challenges.

The competition comes up at the end of the month and I’m diverted to getting ready. This year I’m working on the Potions and Poisons event! Slows my editing and delays research for my blog posts, but well worth it! Good luck Olympians!

Short Stories, Articles, and Poetry in Silver City Quarterly – and something by me! #story #shortstory #poetry #read

Painting Β© 2016 by Jenny Floravita What happens when a hurricane bears down on an endangered island nation?

Happy New Year! The 2018 winter edition of the Silver City Quarterly Review is now available. I’m thrilled to have one of my short scifi stories included!

The review spotlights local authors from Silver City and southwestern New Mexico, presenting their short fiction and non-fiction pieces, and poetry. There’s something for everyone and an archive too. Help encourage local authors and read for free – you can’t beat that.

City Hall, Silver City, NM, USA

Silver City is my home, a lovely little mountain town in rural southwest New Mexico, USA. Founded by a gold and silver rush in the late 1800s, we still have active copper mines, and a wonderful greenspace around old iron mines that you can enter from behind the courthouse (right in town!) for a lovely stroll. Silver is a gateway to the Gila National Forest and Continental Divide Trail, and boasts a growing artist community and the best coffee shops I’ve ever lounged around. Plan a visit sometime.

Women Who Write #poetry #stories #poems #women #amwriting #amreading #reading

look for Kate Rauner's poetry on Amazon

Not all rainbows though there may be a few πŸ˜‰

If you’re looking for the voices of women in poetry and prose, check out this blog. You’ll find one of my most popular poems, Desert Watermelon, along with many other fine pieces.

Beate accepts submissions years round, so (if you haven’t yet) let 2018 be the year you share your writings, as women have for generations.

You Tube for Books #newtrailer #trailer #scifi

Kate Rauner on You TubeI’m dipping my toe into a new pond – a trailer for one of my science fiction books. Not bad for a first try, if I do say so myself, though I left the music playing way past the end of the trailer. Still some things to learn. I’d love to know what you think about my maiden voyage, about book trailers in general, or what you’d like to see from authors. It’s only a minute long. View it here.

UPDATE: I think I got the audio fixed! Check it out.



Merry Christmas #MerryChristmas have a #merry #time

visit Kate Rauner's blogI like an artificial tree
Then I can bend the tips
So each ornament dangles free
The way Dad always wanted