Always Looking for a Good Book or New Author? Here Ya Go! #amreading #books

Kate Rauner, scifi author

Have you worn out your book bundle site, or maybe you’re on the hunt for your next good read?

Check out Awesome Gang. There’s even an interview with… me! Click here now, then cruise today’s selections on the “home” tab, or sign up for the free newsletter. Search by genre or author name – try me, Kate Rauner 😉 and find a whole lot more too, in all genres.

Awesome Gang’s a new kid on the block – been around about a year. It’s founder, Ben Fox says:

As a reader I am incredibly frustrated with online book discovery. Goodreads does almost nothing to help authors meet readers or readers find amazing books (what are they doing with that huge team!!!). At the same time, Amazon sells books the same way they sell toothpaste (hint – it isn’t very exciting). I love wandering around bookstores and letting random books capture my attention. Nothing will ever replace the “bookstore experience”, but I want to reimagine book discovery online with a lot more serendipity and delight. Ben Fox

Please let me know what you think

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