Corporate Space Industry is Here #scifi #sciencefiction #SpaceX #satellite

333 seconds-exposure image from Blanco 4-meter telescope at the CTIO showing the light pollution of Starlink Satellites

August is upon us, the end of summer is coming, and consider this: Space X just broke its own record for most launches in a year, and it only took them seven months to do it.

July 22nd “marks SpaceX’s 32nd successful launch of 2022, surpassing its previous record of 31 successful launches in 2021—and there’s still five months left in 2022. It’s a record for SpaceX and also for any launch provider.” Gizmodo

They launched more Starlink satellites into orbit, and now have about 2600 satellites in the “constellation” providing internet services. In just 20 years, Space X has become a huge player in space. While NASA, ESA, and other familiar organizations from my youth are still important, corporations are increasing their hold on Earth orbit.

As a science fiction writer, I can’t ignore the trend. Book 1 of my latest trilogy is released August 4, 2022. Winnie Bravo, Space Pilot. Not only do corporations rule space, but they’re trying to clean up the mess of space junk you and I (as humans on Earth) are creating today… and will continue on into the future.

Humanity’s future in space depends on audacious pilots, and it may help if they’re a bit crazy.

Winnie Bravo is brash, reckless, and more than a little annoying as she sets out to prove herself, careening from adventure to adventure with her partner Bertie never far away.

In orbit, across the Moon, and on Earth, she pursues the truth about a nefarious probe and a scoundrel who will stop at nothing. What she discovers brings her closer to the truth than she bargained for, and may get her killed, or worse, fired.

If you love traveling to the future for rollicking adventures, you won’t be able to put Winnie’s story down. Binge on through, because the complete trilogy is being released between now and September 15th.

Special price during the launch! Only 99 cents for each kindle from now until Book 3 is released. Pre-order today so you don’t miss out.

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